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Antonello Schiavo

Sales Operations Manager at Google


Antonello Schiavo is a Sales Operations Manager at Google in Krakow, where he teaches outsourcing companies how to manage and operate their business like Google. Thanks to his background in marketing and customer experience, Antonello has cultivated and developed his customer-centric approach. He is fueled by his passion for innovative ideas and consumer trends. He considers himself a ‘future lover,’ eager to stay in tune with the latest innovations and to know where customers are headed next. Antonello holds a master’s degree in Business Administration from „G.D’Annunzio” University of Pescara. 


During his free time he enjoys trying different worldwide cuisines and travelling around Europe in order to complete his goal (started in 2010) of exploring all the 28 EU countries by the end of 2020.

Zakres mentoringu

Digital Marketing, Innovation, Customer experience, Performance Management, Sales Operations, Data Analysis


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